Lucien Ebonstar


Born as an albino Drow, outcast from the society of Underdark, I was forced to scavenge for food and warmth where I could find it, with little to no interaction from my fellow brethren, my social skills are not as fine tuned as they should be.

I learned to fight from constantly being attacked nightly from those who should have called me brother, I came to loathe the unjustifiable hatred brought towards me due to the circumstances of my birth, one day while watching my fellow Drow as a means of social interaction, I happened to overhear of a sorcerer speak of powerful bracers with which he was to use for nefarious means. I fought my way into his lair, stole the bracers and hid them… found guilty later of attacking my own people I was exiled, having kept the bracers for myself should they fall into the wrong hands I discovered just how powerful they were in my subsequent adventures. These were the Bracers of the Serpent, powerful enough to bring down any foe.

I went out into the world and began work as a mercenary, my only real skill, fighting, proved useful to many heroes requiring a companion with which to be used as a tool for justice.. in my current work, I have joined with Arnel, Jaeden and Jinx on a quest for a Goblin’s head…

Lucien Ebonstar

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