Gruart Gunrikksson

Dawrven Inventor Extraordinairre


Gunrikksson has always been a master of his craft. with the years he spent studying with the Pentaclists, he has wielded magic and technology and created marvels unthought of before. His greatest creation was the Arcanum Network, the series of thaumic leylines connected throughout the city, which illuminates the use of magic. Used as a system to help deter those from using magic for wrong purposes, this network has been the foremost protection against those who have intended harm to the city.

The current Nightmare Plague has vexed Gruart though, for not even his network has been able to discern the cause. He has been working ceaselessly to help find a cure and with the festival of the Pentaclists occurring in a few days time, wishes to unveil what he thinks may be a solution…

Current status: Missing


Gruart Gunrikksson

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